S4: operational role descriptions

Roles are an excellent way to make circle work more effective and efficient. It’s a must-have in your toolbox. It’s especially useful if you’re able to write a role description on the spot or can lead a group in writing the role description collaboratively.


Skill description ability to write useful role descriptions for operational roles, ideally both alone and collaboratively
How to acquire skill self-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS chapter 2.3.2
Show skill writing 2 operational role descriptions, alone or collaboratively using picture forming and proposal shaping; (could be done by a Peer group (ALC) or in a class)
Measurement Peer group (ALC) assesses based on checklist below.
  • Do the role descriptions include
    • name of the role
    • what circle it belongs to
    • Tasks
    • Skills required
    • Learning/development path for those skills
    • Authority
    • budget
    • (driver/needs statement, if desired)
  • Does it seem like the holder of the role will have enough clarity to act?
  • Does it seem like the flow of information between circle and holder is thought through well?
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