S3: Circle roles

Circle roles keep circle meetings and operations smooth. It’s easier to empathize and give meaningful feedback if you have experienced the roles yourself.


Skill descriptionunderstanding the roles of operational leader, facilitator, secretary, delegate and ability to perform in it.
How to acquire skillself-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS chapter 2.3.1
Show skillacting in 2 of the roles for a significant amount of time
MeasurementPeer group evaluates 2 of the roles based on feedback.

  • Roles held within ALC: evaluate role in circle. 
  • Roles held outside of ALC: solicit written feedback from two people in that circle.

  • Attending meetings of both parent circle and their own.
  • Enough oversight of members and operations of the circle (enough tracking, checking in, following up)
  • Reporting from the parent circle
  • Planning their home circle agenda
  • Acting proactively in support of their circle’s effectiveness. 


  • Attending meetings of both parent circle and their own.
  • Reporting to the parent circle with consciousness of the variety of opinions in their own circle


  • Making sure minutes are taken, approved and stored
  • Keeping track of all documents of the circle
  • Supporting agenda planning, room & IT preparations, etc. 
  • Support the facilitator during meetings (timekeeping, help formulate proposals, suggest ways to resolve objections)


  • Facilitation of circle meetings
  • Paying attention to equivalence in meetings
  • Distinguishing facilitator voice from member voice
  • Supporting agenda planning as needed
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