I4: Assisting an Implementation

Work alongside a consultant in an implementation. 


Skill descriptionCapacity to implement sociocracy in an organization.
How to acquire skillAssist a more experienced consultant.
Show skillHelp implement sociocracy in an organization of at least 6 people and two circles.
MeasurementWritten feedback, based on the checklist below.
  • Description of the process from client acquisition to the evaluation of the implementation
  • A statement of the lessons learned from both successes and failures.
  • A report on any adaptations to standard sociocratic patterns that were made and the rationale
  • Written evaluations from the client (at least two sources) and the supervising mentor
  • A description of the organization’s communications and feedback systems.
  • A statement about the legal protection and/or vulnerability of the organization in relation to ownership or changes in the top leadership.
  • A statement on how the client is expected to maintain its quality of implementation into the future.
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