I2: Understanding legal considerations

How does sociocracy plug into the legal frame?


Skill descriptionAble to assist organizations to incorporate key sociocratic elements into legal documents.
How to acquire skillReview documentation of legal options and sample documents in SoFA files. Discuss legal issues with your mentor, including topics of replacing the leader (CEO) of the organization and the last resort decision-making provisions.
Show skillAssist an organization to incorporate or amend their incorporation to include sociocratic concepts.
MeasurementWritten feedback from self and from a person in the organization helped. Conversation to the satisfaction of the candidate’s mentor.

  • Did you ask for feedback, and what did you learn?
  • Did you follow up with people? 
  • What would you ask to do differently next time?

Other (2 people):

  • Were all questions answered? (considering time)
  • What would you ask to do differently next time?
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