C2: answering questions in Q&A session

Can you answer questions about sociocracy on the spot? You’ll have to be quick on your feet for that one!


Skill descriptionability to answer a wide range of questions coherently in real time
How to acquire skillAttend other’s coaching sessions; practice in real life — learn and expose yourself to Q&A online and in person
Show skill

Do 2 open coaching sessions with a group (3 people +) of your choice.

Ask for feedback from the group.
Note: SoFA can help facilitate this learning opportunity.

MeasurementWritten feedback from self and from two people from the session, based on checklist below.


  • Did you feel confident about understanding the questions?
  • Did you feel confident about your answers? 
  • What did you learn?

Other (2 people):

  • Were the explanations and examples clear? 
  • Were the explanations and examples appropriate to the context and the questions?
  • Was the level of detail appropriate? 
  • What would you ask to do differently next time?
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