C1: giving a 1 hour presentation on sociocracy

Don’t wait until you are ready! Do it!

Skill descriptiongiving a 1-hour introduction on sociocracy for a specific audience
How to acquire skillattend other’s presentations; get feedback on outline; get feedback from participants and use it to improve the session; practice in real life
Show skillGive a 1-hour presentation and show and tell to your Peer group (ALC) the training design and your evaluation; take in feedback.
MeasurementWritten feedback from self and from two people from the presentation, based on checklist below.

  • How did you structure the presentation?
  • How was your time management?
  • Did you use different channels and learning mediums?
  • Did the workshop have appropriate participatory parts?
  • Was your style appropriate to the context?
  • Did you ask for feedback, and what did you learn?

Other (2 people):

  • Was the presentation clear? 
  • How was the time management?
  • Were all questions answered? (considering time)
  • Was the presentation appropriate to the context?
  • What would you ask to do differently next time?
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