A3: keeping a logbook

The logbook or policy manual keeps us accountable in the long run. Only policies that can be known can be followed.
Only policies that can be found can be updated and improved.



Skill descriptionfamiliarity with the logbook and policy manual of an organization
How to acquire skillself-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS
Show skillPresent a logbook of an organization to your Peer group (ALC).

  • Option A: design your own.
  • Option B: present an existing one that you have familiarised yourself with.
MeasurementPeer group (ALC) gives feedback based on the checklists below.E
  • Is the logbook clear and structured well?
  • Does the medium used (e.g. google drive, weaver,…) seem appropriate for the context? 
  • Can it be accessed by members easily? Can circles find and update their own policies?
  • Does it contain meeting records, reference documents and policy agreements?
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