A1: rolling out policy

Making policy is one step – making sure everyone knows the policy and all the pieces are in place is another. 


Skill descriptionMaking a policy known, define the output channel, define and communicate the feedback channel
How to acquire skillself-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS chapter 3.4
Show skillRolling out a policy in an organization or support an informant during the process.
MeasurementDescribe in a mini case study (2 paragraphs) how the policy rollout worked. Peer group (ALC) assesses with checklist.
  • Was the plan appropriate for the scale of policy?
  • Was it rolled out effectively?
  • Was a feedback channel put into place?

(Note: this can be small, like a new form in the membership process. We have plenty of examples within SoFA – some more successful, some not so much – that you can study.)

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