Empowered Learning Circle: Sociocracy Basics – Group Leader


The Sociocracy Basics Empowered Learning Circle is a 4 session course to learn sociocracy together as a group! Learn Sociocracy in 4×2 hours with a total of ~85 minutes worth of video content, more than 330 minutes worth of group exercises. Works in video calls (like zoom) or in-person! Includes access to around 200 answered…



4 sessions to learn sociocracy in your group!

  • Groups of 4-8 people – get together and learn together
  • Works in video calls (like zoom) or in-person
  • What you get:
    • 4 sessions of ~2 hours each
    • a total of ~85 minutes worth of video content
    • more than 330 minutes worth of group exercises
    • introduction articles for each session
    • access to about 200 answers to frequently asked questions about sociocracy (FAQ)
  • $120 sign-up fee for the group leader, which can be split among participants
  • Optional coaching for $220. Pick from experienced coaching in Sociocracy For All.
How does group access work?

The group leader or host makes the primary order and signup. They lead their group through the course, arranging the watch/study/practice parties (in person or online). and tracking the group’s progress on their account. The signup can be completed via a shared account/email if desired, but that is not necessary. Other participants also receive access to the course and can follow along on their own account, or go back and review modules.