Democratic organizations: what does research say?

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Democratic organizations. Breaking down the barriers between theory and practice In this webinar, academic researchers Daniel King and Martyn Griffin explore with practitioners the difficulties that we have all faced while transitioning to democratic organizing and the most effective ways they might be overcome. Daniel and Martyn will present three paradoxes facing organizations adopting sociocracy: […]

Sociocracy and permaculture

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In this talk, Rakesh will explain how he creates permaculture designs and projects function using sociocracy. “Permaculture is immaculate design system. It allows us to understand complex systems, be it ecological, man made or human dynamics. We can use it to then analyse the diverse interconnections that allow the various elements to thrive and flourish. […]

Do feelings have a place in governance?

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Sometimes we get asked whether feelings are “allowed” in sociocracy. We are guessing that what people have in mind is a scenario like this: Are you allowed to be upset when someone proposes to raise the membership fees because you are afraid you cannot afford the membership, or that others can’t? Of course you are allowed […]

Giving feedback – a bundle of resources

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Without feedback, we are stuck forever in the same patterns. Without feedback, we will not learn and will never improve. We will never understand how we impact others, whether our intentions match our impact. Why would we not want to hear feedback from others? The ability to receive and give feedback requires: (1) a mindset […]