Introducing sociocracy in your organization

Bringing Sociocracy to an established consensus-based organization….

This document is based on my experience of bringing sociocracy to an established cohousing community that uses consensus decision making.  Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

  1. identify key people who share your concerns about the state of governance in the community and introduce them to sociocracy
  2. show people YouTube videos and articles/handouts (my youtube channel, Diana Leafe Christian’s videos)
  3. share other sociocracy materials (We the People, case studies)
  4. share examples materials (for instance Pioneer Valley Cohousing flower organizational diagram, Governance agreement, table of aims and domains, table of decisions in process)
  5. bring some of them to a sociocracy workshop (and invite more to workshops later in process as well)
  6. have people report to the organization about their experience in the workshops
  7. gather interested people for informal conversations about sociocracy in egalitarian groups
  8. invite Jerry/SoFA to do an brief sociocracy intro and Q&A
  9. create an Ad Hoc Sociocracy Exploratory Circle and operate it sociocratically – this is your home base from which all energy radiates so it is not a solo project
  10. have people join the sociocracy yahoo group
  11. have people join the SoFA mailing list
  12. frame the challenges of the present governance system and reasons for switch to sociocracy
  13. introduce elements of sociocracy (rounds, policy term dates, selection to leadership, etc) wherever you can in the existing structure (See ideas here)
  14. find a committee that is willing to experiment running sociocratically
  15. have people visit an organization that is running sociocratically and report on their visit (you are welcome to ask us where the closest might be)
  16. identify key leaders, likely early supporters and likely opposers and start talking to them one on one
  17. write a first draft of “Agreements on Governance” adapting the sociocratic framework to your unique organization
  18. begin designing the organizational circle structure
  19. offer multiple trainings in sociocracy in your group to build the knowledge base and familiarity
  20. present the basic framework at a large meeting
  21. revise and revise the draft Agreements and Circle Structure
  22. identify where every member stands and connect with them to move supporters into leadership, neutrals into supporters, opposers into neutral. 
  23. present the Circle structure at a meeting and/or key existing committee meetings
  24. revise and revise the draft Community Agreements and Circle Structure
  25. make a formal proposal
  26. work through objections and try again! and again!
  27. Launch implementation of accepted proposal!