Intentional Communities and neighborhoods

pioneerVCMembers of intentional communities, like for instance cohousing communities and ecovillages, want to live and work in community. In our imagination, we see ourselves cooking, celebrating and gardening together. But then reality kicks in. We struggle with decision-making. All of a sudden there are camps, and there are hurt feelings. Living together and making decisions together seems hard and takes just so much energy and time. Sociocracy can help here. It is perfect for your community if you want to:

  • make decision-making about content, not about people
  • find a way of including people and increasing participation
  • enjoy living and working together again

Who is already doing it?

  • Pioneer Valley Cohousing, Amherst MA

    Watch a before-after video of Pioneer Valley Cohousing!
  • Windsong Cohousing, BC Canada
  • Cohabitat Quebec, Quebec, Canada
  • Belfast Cohousing, Belfast ME
  • Cambridge Cohousing, Cambridge MA
  • Columbia Ecovillage, Portland, OR
  • Katywill Cohousing, Colrain, MA
  • Rocky Corner, New Haven CT
  • Woodard Cohousing, Olympia WA

See a generic governance proposal for an intentional community here.

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