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Welcome to Sociocracy For All!

Our mission is to give everyone access to governance tools to work together productively as equals. The essence of sociocracy is “no one ignored”, and we believe it’s possible to build a society based on listening, trust, and commitment to learn from our experience. How we make decisions plays a major part in that.

Sociocracy For All (SoFA) is a global nonprofit. About 160 members and a handful of staff members make sure everyone has access to resources, training and the opportunity to meet others on the same journey. We’re funded by training and coaching, membership fees and donations. Founded in 2016, we’re still young but we’ve grown fast, as more and more people are ready to step out of ‘business as usual’, frustrated about how their organizations run and think there must be a better way of doing this!

We’re excited to see you here, and we’re looking forward to meeting you somewhere!

Venn diagram: Sociocracy is inclusive ans saves time

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Long meetings are a pain. Let’s make them shorter.

What is sociocracy, and do you need it?

An introduction into governance systems and sociocracy

3 Tools

3 tools from Sociocracy to use right away (plus magic phrases!)