We explore the connections between Sociocracy and Permaculture

Our mission is to make resources for learning and implementing sociocracy accessible to all in the field of permaculture, and to create more connection among those who are exploring permaculture and sociocracy.

“How can we accelerate succession in human permaculture systems beyond pioneer species to more collaborative, connected communities?” – John Schinnerer


“Sociocracy is permaculture for people.”
– Erin Young

S is P for P

Sociocracy and Permaculture both use whole systems design to approach living systems.

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Merging the synergistic effects of Sociocracy and Permaculture,
we can design the world we want to see

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What connects Sociocracy and Permaculture?

  • Observation
  • System Design
  • Learn by doing
  • Feedback loops create continuous improvement
  • Both Sociocracy and Permaculture use wholism and component parts, where the whole is greater than the sum of the separate parts.
  • and the list will be continued..

Case studies

  • Holma Folk Highschool, Sweden (Read)


  • Permaculture, transition and sociocracy (Read article)
  • Sociocracy for Permaculturalists (Read article)
  • Resource 3
  • Resource 4

Who we are, what we do, how to connect with us

  • We are the SoFA Permaculture Development Circle and we aim to support connection among practitioners who are invested in both Sociocracy and Permaculture
  • We are developing this website and producing materials to publish here and elsewhere to bring sociocratic organization to the permaculture design field and to bring permaculture design awareness and skills to sociocratic organizations.
  • Join the sociocracy and permaculture dialog on this Slack channel: xxx