Learn to change

GC (general Circle)
● Aim: overall governance
● Mission: support 3 sub-circles, communicate with the association offices, establish a development strategy, and oversee general operations.
● Participants: a first link (the “leader”), a facilitator, a secretary, and 2 delegates from the FUND, COM, and PROD circles.
FUNDS (financing)
● Aim: fundraising and finance.
● Mission: look for fundraising opportunities, manage organizational finances, and support sub-circles.
PROD (production)
● Aim: create and publish educational resources
● Mission: create “cards 4 democracy”, notebooks, and other resources and support sub-circles.
COM (communication)
● Aim: create a communications strategy and oversee communication.
● Mission: manage the blog and the social networks, and support sub-circles.
CoP (community of practice)
● Aim: to support the community.
● Mission: moderate communications on the online platform of 2000 educators

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