olYou’re ready to implement sociocracy! Awesome! That’s what we like doing most.

We can help you breaking down the implementation process into small, very specific and very doable steps over a time span of 9 months.

A seamless transition is what we want, safe enough to do while you are doing your regular work.

One cannot change everything at once — which is why we stagger implementation. Our implementation follows the same sociocratic mindset: lead – do – measure. We run through those cycles twice so you can get the hang of it. That way, after the 9 months, you can just continue doing the same thing because self-governance is never done. There is always something to adapt, tweak, finetune, and we want you to have the skills to do that. So not only do we help you make the transition – we also teach you how to continue your journey. Empowered, self-healing organizations is what sociocracy is about.


Our offer:

  • Implementation will take about 9 months overall.
  • You will form an implementation circle of 3-6 people that will work directly with our staff.
  • We will approach your governance from 3 angles:
    • your organizational structure
    • your meetings and decision-making
    • intentionality on communication skills and feedback
  • in every realm, we go through 2 cycles consisting of
    • learning/planning
    • action
    • review and fine-tuning.
  • We offer facilitation training so you can train your staff and key volunteers
  • We can help you (re-)write your by-laws or community agreements
  • We will also equip you with skills around self-evaluation in each realm so your organization can live, grow and self-repair in the future past those 9 months

Even more than that, we also offer communities of practice for practitioners so you can stay in the loop, continously learn more, support others in a similar organizations. We are always looking for the win-win and the more peer-oriented approach of doing things. That keeps costs down and community up!


  • Your organization must have the buy-in to implement sociocracy. We need to get an understanding of the power dynamics in your organization. For instance, if you’re a non-profit with staff and volunteers on board with sociocracy but your board not yet, we will flag this as it is too risky for your efforts to be un-done if the board is opposed. (Same with cohousing groups and co-ops and for-profits: if you have people opposed to sociocracy, you will not be able to start this process. If you don’t know what to do with opposition to sociocracy, talk with us. It is not uncommon that a change in governance creates in fear in some people, and we can take their concerns seriously while still experimenting with new ways of self-governance.)
  • We do not recommend going faster than 9 months but we also don’t recommend to go slower than a year. 9 months of deep organizational change should be followed by a consolidation phase with only minor tweaks so you can focus on your organization’s aim.

We can also connect you with people from your sector that have already implemented sociocracy, for instance in social enterprises, schools, networks, communities, co-ops; non-profits and for-profits.

The price for implementation will depend on your organization’s level of experience, size and industry. We are typically able to offer affordable prices because that’s a value we hold. We always include stacking functions to keep costs low, by avoiding travel costs and by combining services in a smart way – for instance by combining our consulting work with our Training of Trainers. We always look for the win-win because we want sociocracy to be accessible to everyone. Contact us to get a quote.


While you’re thinking about it…

Here is something you can do right now: invite some of the people in your organization to run a study group using our curriculum. That will make any implementation easier in the early beginning, and everyone will be able to make an informed decision if they know more about sociocracy. Using our curriculum is by donation or with a coach ($120-220). Learn more about the study group curriculum ELC.