Many Voices, One Song

A shared vision across languages, regions, borders and cultures.

We invite you to become a SoFA Language Community!

Some benefits we offer:

  • Get support in creating content in your language (whether translation or not).
  • Be a trend-setter – popularize sociocracy in your language, with the proper terminology.
  • Join the “International Circle” as a SoFA member. Share with language communities from different parts of the world! Work alongside others like you to troubleshoot, exchange experiences and ideas.
  • Get ideas on what kinds of training you could be offering and get support in producing training resources for your language.
  • Get technical support!
    • Host your files on the SoFA Google Drive
    • Access SoFA Zoom rooms
    • Manage your contacts and membership with Groundhog
      • benefit from a tailored mailing list to include not only your own contacts but also build synergy with any other SoFA contacts for your language
  • Have a website in your language within the SoFA Multilingual Web​
    • Benefit from the work already done and join an internationally recognized website with good SEO – this gives your language group credibility
    • To publish content and promote your activities (trainings, events, etc.)
    • Features automatic translation with WPML

Get in touch

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Eric Tolson

If you’re interested or have further questions, feel free to contact Eric, SoFA’s Localization Guide ([email protected]).