What is the context for sociocracy?

To me, sociocracy is about one-ness. One-ness as in: we are all one. And I don’t mean it in an esoteric way. I mean it as interdependence. You cannot do anything without others’ contribution. And you cannot do anything without affecting others. We breathe in, and we change the world. A tree breathes in and changes it as well. What I do here changes how you find the world. And since we are all interdependent, there is no separation between you and me.

And in that sense, we are all one. One big interconnected system of interdependent creatures.

We might feel disconnected because we might have different needs in a given moment. But as living things, we cannot be separated.

All humans share the same basic outfit. All humans all over the world want the same thing. Connection. Purpose. Doing things we are good at and contributing to something bigger than we are. What this might look like might differ but connection is the most basic need there is.
Connection is strongly intertwined with interdependence. Humans are born determined to connect. (It is a baby’s one and only survival strategy!) We all are wired for connection.

We seek each other. To be seen. To matter. To belong.

The systems we are using right now — and by that I mean all systems (may it be how we treat the planet, how we treat each other, how we parent, how we live in isolated spaces, how we access our food) — all those systems are broken systems, and we know it. We feel it. We need better systems. Systems that are humane. Systems that allow us to be human.

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“How can we accelerate succession in human permaculture systems beyond pioneer species to more collaborative, connected communities?” – John Schinnerer

“Sociocracy is permaculture for people.”
– Erin Young

Sociocracy and Permaculture both use whole systems design to approach living systems.

Merging the synergistic effects of Sociocracy and Permaculture,
we can design the world we want to see

“Sociocracy feels so powerful and relevant to the needs of our times, so I deeply value how you are making it so accessible.”(Laureen)

“It feels like a window has been opened and fresh air with new possibilities is flowing through the sociocracy world!”

“You guys have the key to peace on earth. Or at least to more harmonious egalitarian organizations.” (Dennis)