How do I get my organization into the boat?

You know your organization could use this. But how are you going to convince them?

Here are some resources for you. We recommend you send around a video on the listserv, like this one.

We also strongly recommend you look into our 10 week online training, Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT). Even better, find someone in your organization to do it with you – then it is not just your “sociocracy bug” but something others take seriously.

Then you look around if there are organizations in your sector that are already doing it. (If there is none, convince your co-workers that you’ll be cutting edge if you do it first.) See what other organizations are doing Sociocracy.

If your organization is interested, you could send some of your members to a workshop. See our workshops and webinars. You can also contact us to host your own workshop.