Free intro: Deciding together

Venus - SoFA Zoom Room

This free class will introduce you to consent-based group decision-making and help you use it in your groups. The list of advantages of group decision-making by consent are many: it’s clear, it’s fast, and it’s inclusive.

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Free introduction: What is sociocracy?

This is a free sociocracy info session. We will look at what self-management is trying to achieve, how sociocracy works, and what kind of organizations are doing sociocracy.

Full class: Facilitating Group Decision Making

Venus - SoFA Zoom Room

You know the basics of consent decision-making but you need a bit more to put it into practice? This class is for you!

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Free event: Horizontal accountability

Jupiter - SoFA Zoom Room

How do leadership and accountability work in a peer-based organization? Can everyone be a leader? This free class will support you in re-thinking and improving your governance.

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