Sociocracy Certification Intensive (Shutesbury, MA)

Sirius Community Shutesbury, MA, United States

Join us for an immersive 7-day residential training in sociocracy at Sirius Community in Shutesbury, Massachusetts from October 15-21. About the training This training offers two tracks of learning, one […]

$1,074.00 – $4,200.00

Full class: Decentralizing decision-making with circles and roles

Mars - SoFA Zoom Room

This class is for those who want to understand how circle structures and roles can be used to empower groups and individuals to make decisions and to clarify who does what in an organization.

Get Tickets $85.00 – $180.00 20 tickets left

Free introduction: What is sociocracy?

This is a free sociocracy info session. We will look at what self-management is trying to achieve, how sociocracy works, and what kind of organizations are doing sociocracy.

Free intro: Inclusive meetings

Earth - SoFA Zoom Room Earth Zoom Room

In this free class, we will share the template for how to structure a meeting so everyone and be heard.

Get Tickets Free – $20.00

Nonviolent Communication Community of Practice

Venus - SoFA Zoom Room

In this Community of Practice, we will gather to discuss, practice, and share about experiences of using NVC within and outside of the context of practicing sociocracy.

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