Inclusive meetings. Better meetings with clarity and flow

Venus – SoFA Zoom Room

The sociocratic meeting format is one of the gems sociocracy offers. It’s inclusive, connecting, and human-centered, while providing focus on the work. Learn in this two hour session how meetings can be improved instantly and how to build a meeting culture over time that fits your culture and gives you the meetings you want.

Decision-making by consent

Jupiter – SoFA Zoom Room

This class is a conceptual and practical introduction to the consent process for better group decisions. You will learn and practice what consent is, how to ask for consent and what to do in the case of an objection.

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Draw a sociocratic circle structure

Venus – SoFA Zoom Room

This class offers two things: (1) it gives an overview of sociocratic circle structure – circles, roles, linking, General Circle, Mission Circle and special circles. In the second part, we will (2) draw your own organizational structures and get feedback on the draft.

Get Tickets $85.00 32 tickets left