Session 3

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In this session, you will make two or even three decisions by consent. You have already used consent rounds in elections, now you will use consent decision-making for policy. We subsume all decisions under policy that help us govern how we do things. In that sense, how you will evaluate your ELC is a policy decision. Also, in this session, we will talk about aims.

  • Consent decision-making for policy
  • What are objections, and how do we deal with them?

Sociocratic tools you will know about after this session (in all sessions completed so far):


Session 3 preparation (optional)

 activity reference material est. time
 Print Package session 3
 Reading about rounds Reading on the consent process  20 min


Session 3 activities (total meeting time: 90min)

 activity reference material est. time
 check-in, admin video 10 min
 consent process video and decision-making sheet 20 min
 reaction round video, (facilitator for rounds) 15 min
 aims and objections video 15 min
 consent process (facilitator for rounds, use decision-making sheet!) 15 min
 questions (facilitator for rounds)  5 min
 meeting evaluation (facilitator for rounds)
write down open questions and feedback
10 min

Session 3 enrichment (optional)

 activity reference material est. time
 video Begin with the aim in mind 3 min
webinar on objections video (watch 10:25- 16:30) 7 min
Skit of a group working through objections ca. 20 min (relevant section of the recording)

Session 3 follow-up with coach

 activity reference material est. time
 meet with coach: leader For groups that have booked a coach: put your feedback in this form. You will then receive an email to make a new appointment to talk about session 3 and to prepare session 4. 30min

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