Session 2

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spiral-logo3The second session provides an overview of sociocratic principles. It then guides through the elements on a sociocratic policy circle meeting. You will also start learning about how to make policy by doing the first and second step: picture forming and gathering. After this session, in any meeting you are a part of, you can:

  • Encourage any group to use the essential meeting parts from sociocracy (check-in, administative, consent to agenda, content items, meeting evalation/check-out)
  • Large decisions can be made in a group process using picture forming and proposal shaping.

Sociocratic tools you will know about after this session (in all sessions completed so far):


Session 2 preparation (optional)

 activity reference material est. time

Reading about rounds

Package session 2

Reading on meeting format

Reading on picture forming and proposal shaping (generating proposals)


15 min

15 min


Session 2 activities (total meeting time: 90min)

 activity reference material est. time
 check-in video (then facilitator for rounds) 10 min
 administrative video 10 min
 why sociocracy?

outline of ELC

video 20 min
 meeting format video (see decision-making sheet in handout) 10 min
 picture forming video (see handout) 15 min
 proposal pieces video (see handout) 15 min
 meeting evaluation


video (facilitator for rounds)
write down all questions, and make sure you have dimensions and proposal pieces recorded! (if working on a flipchart: take a picture)
10 min

Session 2 enrichment (optional)

 activity reference material est. time
 videos Picture forming and proposal shaping video <2 min
FAQ: What is the general structure of a meeting? <2 min
FAQ: How is the content part of a meeting structured? <2 min
 article Policy vs. operational decisions (blog article with examples) <2 min

Session 2 follow-up with coach

 activity reference material est. time
 meet with coach: leader For groups that have booked a coach: put your feedback in this form. You will then receive an email to make a new appointment to talk about session 2 and to prepare session 3. 30min

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