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Self-determination – only with co-determination

Self-determination – only with co-determination

El Semillero

Sociocratic tools

Making of the agenda: past, present and future of the circle

Diagram: Understand – explore – decide

Sociocracy tools and principles and natural systems

Performance reviews: step by step

Preference, range of tolerance and objection

Double linking

A complete and generic circle structure

Circular hierarchy

Hub: a single-linked connection of organizations

Difference between mission circle and general circle

All process roles of a circle

General Circle

Delegates to the General Circle

Organizations as sub-circles

Diagram: different kinds of rounds

Policy process

Operational meeting

Selection process diagram

Feedback form

List of feelings and needs

Meeting sheet from Many Voices One Song

Decision making sheet

Basic circle structure

Range of tolerance overlap

Range of tolerance

Support system

Is inclusive & saves times

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Solawi Bodensee is a German association with around 90 members. Solawi is an acronym for “Solidarische Landwirtschaft” which is translated as “solidary agriculture” and meaning “sharing the harvest”. It is similar to the US-concept of CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.

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Pittsfield Listens!

Pittsfield Listens!

Pittsfield Listens  Pittsfield Listens is an organization in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, that works to build community, inform on civic issues, solve problems through community conversations, and to award individuals, groups and...

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An introduction to sociocracy (Abbie Kempson)

Recorded in March 2019 at Co-operatives UK, Abbie Kempson (Unicorn Grocery, Manchester) leads the introduction to sociocracy and is joined by Pete Burden (SeeStep, East Sussex) and Kirsty Warren (Greencity Wholefoods, Glasgow). All provide their practical views using the techniques in their organisations and how it supports governance systems. From

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Decision-making methods: a comparison

Decision-making methods: a comparison

The way we come to a decision has a lot of influence on how people behave, how many voices can be heard, how they feel about the group they are a part of and what quality decision is going to be made. The pros and cons of autocratic decision-making, voting, consensus and consent.

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