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Preference, range of tolerance and objection

Double linking

A complete and generic circle structure

Circular hierarchy

Hub: a single-linked connection of organizations

Difference between mission circle and general circle

All process roles of a circle

General Circle

Delegates to the General Circle

Organizations as sub-circles

Diagram: different kinds of rounds

Policy process

Operational meeting

Selection process diagram

Feedback form

List of feelings and needs

Meeting sheet from Many Voices One Song

Decision making sheet

Basic circle structure

Range of tolerance overlap

Range of tolerance

Support system

Is inclusive & saves times

A poster showing major sociocracy tools

Meeting poster: meeting format

Meeting poster: consent

Meeting poster: consent

Meeting clip: Generating a proposal

Meeting clip: check-in round

Meeting clip: objections

Meeting clips: Consent to the agenda

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Sociocracy a la carte?

Sociocracy a la carte?

Can one just pick and choose from sociocracy and build your own governance system? Or is it a package deal and one has to use ALL the tools?

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Everyday sociocracy

Everyday sociocracy

How can we use sociocracy in everyday life? How is it useful to interactions, for example, with your kids, your partners, your neighbor?

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Common pitfalls for implementation of sociocracy

Common pitfalls for implementation of sociocracy

A change in governance or an organization can be compared to open-heart surgery. Just like heart surgery is invasive for a human organism, so is a change in governance. Recognizing that is key to understanding pitfalls in implementing sociocracy.

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Skills for a VUCA world

SoFA member Laureen Golden on skills that are needed in a VUCA world (VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).

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Dragon Dreaming (Session 1 & 2)

We need boldness and creativity to implement self-management models that create a regenerative culture with distributed power. Dragon Dreaming and Sociocracy are methodologies that help us make this transition.

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Self-determination – only with co-determination

Self-determination – only with co-determination

(By Simona Zäh, Switzerland. Translated from German original) In my last blog entry, I pleaded for more self-determination in schools - and only in passing did I mention that one of the basic conditions for self-determined learning is participation. In the following,...

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Jutta Eckstein and John Buck presenting their BOSSAnova framework: a combination of agile, beyond budgeting, sociocracy, Open Space.

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Overcoming hierarchy

Presentation and conversation with Gregg Kendrick, a consultant working with non-violent communication and sociocracy in workplaces.

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