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Sociocracy combines consent decision-making, a decentralized system of authority and intentional processes to improve our decisions and processes over time into a governance system that supports effective and efficient process while increasing connection, listening and co-creation among members.

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  • Selection process. A deeper description of the selection process, including many frequently asked questions about selections.

See a selection process


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Watch a demo video on writing proposals together


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Sociocracy articles and videos

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Support system

Is inclusive & saves times

A poster showing major sociocracy tools

Meeting poster: meeting format

Meeting poster: consent

Meeting poster: consent

Meeting clip: Generating a proposal

Meeting clip: check-in round

Meeting clip: objections

Meeting clips: Consent to the agenda

Sociocracy and the brain

Sociocracy and the brain

The story of TREE governance

Insider view into decision making in a community


A permaculture school in Sweden

Sociocracy in communities

Overcoming hierarchy

What do we do with “disruptive” behavior in meetings?

The Art of community

The perfect complimentary edge (sociocracy and permaculture)

Sociocracy and Permaculture