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Better systems for a changed world. 

Creating powerful organisations for a desirable future 

4th annual international sociocracy conference – May 6 2021

We’re finding ourselves in new times, and we all feel it. A whole mix of feelings is present: hope, frustration, anxiety, insecurity. Hope that change might be for the better. The frustration that we still seem to be fighting the remnants of the old systems. Anxiety over what’s coming next. Insecurity whether we will be ready. Are we ready?

We all get up in the morning trying to make the world a better place. But we also know that’s not quite enough. Things are complex, and whatever we do is a choice. Systems matter: 

“A Bad System Will Beat a Good Person Every Time” – W. Edwards Deming

In a world where one virus affects the teen suicide rates in California as well as seabirds in Sweden and property prices in IT metropoles, everything is entangled. More than ever before, we are seeing every day how our choices have effects on millions of others, and how systems influence each other. It’s fascinating, somewhat comforting, and worrisome.

When systems determine outcomes more than individuals, the choice of systems becomes vital. A system can help us show up, or it can reinforce our stereotypes and biases. It can ignore whole realms of information, or it can help us see the world more fully. 

It begs the question: what are the systems that let us be a “good person”, and how do we know? What are the systems that are non-oppressive, non-bureaucratic, non-hierarchical, non-misogynistic, and anti-racist? We need to talk about what we don’t want, but also define better what we do want. We need to talk about resilience, trust, respect, adaptiveness, voice, empowerment.

We in Sociocracy For All see sociocracy as one of the systems that help us see more fully and compassionately in complex situations, and to find ways of working that work for more people, not only some. We’re well aware that sociocracy in itself is not a magic fix, but is embedded in a mosaic of systems that help us live in alignment with our values. 

At our annual conference in May 2021, we want to compare notes. What has been working for you? Do you have qualitative or quantitative data on the effects of using sociocracy? What else do you combine with your practice of sociocracy? How resilient has your organization been and why, or why not? What do you struggle with? What are the factors that enhance or limit you in your use of sociocracy – be they internal, interpersonal, on a governance level, in the legal or financial sector? And what has made the biggest impact on the resilience of your operations and relationships? Looking ahead into a volatile future, what role do you think sociocracy could or will play in your organization? 

We invite submissions from everyone who is using sociocracy in practice to tell us about their experiences, in particular in the context of a changing world. What are the signs of hope you’d like more people to know about? What are lessons learned that you can share? 

We encourage submissions to be honest and vulnerable – this conference is not a place for polished all-is-perfect talks. Share what is actually happening. Let’s put the cards on the table and look at the patterns together. That way, everyone can learn. 

Conference date & time

This conference is held on May 6 13:00-20:00 UTC with a 1-hour break to chat in your language

Start time:

2021-05-06 13:00 UTC


End time:

2021-05-06 20:00 UTC


Time for submissions is over. 

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