Case studies of sociocracy

Curious what sociocracy looks like in real organizations? What are the struggles, the changes, the benefits? Read these case studies and get a glimpse into the reality of sociocracy.

These case studies are typically written by our students in the Sociocracy Leadership Training.

Are you in a sociocratic organization and willing to be featured in a case study?

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Case Studies

Case study of Treehouse Ecohousing

Case study of Treehouse Ecohousing

Sociocracy For AllDec 14, 20197 min read
Treehouse Village Ecohousing is a project to build a cohousing community, the first in Atlantic Canada. It officially launched on Sept 29, 2018 with a first public meeting.
Team of harvesters on a farm (SoLaWi)


Sociocracy For AllNov 15, 201917 min read
Solawi Bodensee is a German association with around 90 members. Solawi is an acronym for “Solidarische Landwirtschaft” which is translated as “solidary agriculture” and meaning “sharing the harvest”. It is similar to the US-concept of CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.
Learn to change

Learn to change

Sociocracy For AllSep 5, 20193 min read
A Europe-wide organization supporting democratic education in schools.
Photo of group at work

Rocky Corner cohousing

Sociocracy For AllJan 10, 20193 min read
Rocky Corner is a cohousing community being built in Bethany, Connecticut in the USA.
A time bank using sociocracy: Valley Time Trade

A time bank using sociocracy: Valley Time Trade

Sociocracy For AllOct 26, 20181 min read
Valley Time Trade is a volunteer organization that tracks hours of service offered by members to other members, referred to as a time bank. It is located in the north-central part of the Pioneer Valley, a western region in the state of Massachusetts.
Sociocracy on a network of eco-villages: Casa Latina

Sociocracy on a network of eco-villages: Casa Latina

Sociocracy For AllJul 30, 20182 min read
Casa Latina is the Latin American part of the Global Ecovillage Network, an association of ecovillages