Training for beginners

Study group curriculum

The Empowered Learning Circles (ELC) is a video-guided curriculum for groups of 4-8 learners. ELC covers the content that would be covered in a weekend-workshop, including interactive exercises. It is perfect for a first overview or a refresher for a small group. ELC is a very affordable and conventient way of learning sociocracy, at your own pace and in a location of your own choice. (0-$210 plus donation) Learn more.


In-person workshops

You can book a SoFA staff member to run a workshop in your organization. All workshops are interactive, engaging and relevant. In-person workshops can be perfectly tailored to your organizations. ($1500-2500 plus travel costs from Amherst Massachusetts; to save money, you can make it an open workshop). See what we cover in a 2-day workshop.