T1: tools for emotional emergencies

Collaboration is complex. Many things happen at the same time, in different areas. It can hardly be avoided that tensions will arise here and there. The question is, what do you do when that happens?


Skill description responding to people who behave in a way that suggests that they are upset, hurt, or angry; or behavior that we respond to with upset or anger.
How to acquire skill self-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS 41 and 4.2
Show skill Make a list of strategies in your learning journal. Identify the strategies you tend to use. Identify strategies you are not yet using and that you intend to use. Wait until life gives you an opportunity; use new tools that you’ve learned. Take notes. When you’ve encountered 2 situations, report to your Peer group (ALC).
Measurement Peer group (ALC) hears report and gives feedback.
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