S6: flow of information in organizations

Decentralized organizations require more attention to flow of information than your typical command-and-control organization. Knowledge is power, therefore shared knowledge is required to share power. It’s also a place where balance is important between secrecy and information overload.

The idea of this badge is to gain perspective and experience in paying attention to flow of information.


Skill descriptionunderstanding ways to assess and increase flow of information in organizations
How to acquire skillSelf-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS chapter 4.4
Show skillAnalyse two organizations, ideally at least one self-managed, by interviewing an informant from that organization. Starter questions:

    • Are logbooks, policy manual and meeting minutes accessible?
    • How do members hear about decisions made that affect them?
      • Are there different strategies? Which ones?
      • Is the effectiveness of the strategies evaluated?
      • How successful does the organization see itself at keeping members informed?
      • Have there been tensions arising from lack of flow of information?
MeasurementGiving a brief oral (5min) or written (2 paragraphs) report on information flow in the organization, highlighting learnings that are useful to everyone.
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