F6: facilitating simple and complex selections

Elections don’t always go the standard way. You can use the same pattern in variations for all kinds of purposes. For this badge, we want you to play with different versions of the selection process.


Skill descriptionability to run a selection process for (a) one role, (b) several roles, (c) selecting from outside of the circle, (d) selections with many people (e) selections for something other than people.
How to acquire skillself-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS chapter 3.6.2
Show skillrunning two selection process of different kinds (a)-(e)
MeasurementPeer group (ALC) assesses both meetings based on checklist below.

Option 1

  • Meetings held within Peer group (ALC): evaluate in circle (meeting evaluation).

Option 2

  • Meetings held outside of Peer group (ALC): ask for written feedback based on checklist from two people in that circle and present to Peer group (ALC).
  • Was consent reached? 
  • For selections for people (was it clear that one can self-nominate?)
  • For selections of only one role (was the candidate asked for consent last)?
  • Were the role and the term defined? 
  • Were the qualifications clear? 
  • Was there a phase of nominations and reasons? 
  • Was there a chance to acknowledge new information (change round or similar?
  • Were there objections and, if yes, how were they handled?
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