Our organizational structure

Organizational structure

The Sociocracy For All project director and core volunteer is Jerry Koch-Gonzalez.

Sociocracy For All is a volunteer organization. For delivery of services beyond the capacity of volunteers we contract out work to independent consultants. Eventually we may have paid staff.

Sociocracy For All was created to help organizations who cannot afford to hire consultants on their own. Sociocracy For All helps these organizations get the help they need to learn and implement Sociocracy.

Sociocracy For All raises funds to support the development of educational materials that can be freely distributed and to subsidize the cost of consultants.

Organizations that can pay the full cost of implementing Sociocracy are referred to The Sociocracy Consulting Group (of which Jerry Koch-Gonzalez is the CEO).

Sociocracy For All is a project sponsored by the Institute for Peaceable Communities, Inc.