Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT)

SoLT is a training program that lets you experience what sociocracy feels like by doing it. It prepares you to be part of a sociocratic organization.

SoLT is more than a workshop. It is real! Participants have real meetings, make real policy, develop real output, and create real relationships.

This is our most favorite training program. We are looking forward to meeting you!


For me SoLT was a real eyeopener. We thought we used sociocracy and discovered we were only using a tiny bit of it. I became enthusiastic about the method and have used it a lot since.

Kristiane Ravn Frost

This online training really boosted my passion for sociocracy. In the project teams, I could actually experience a different way of connecting with each other, of supportive leadership and an inspiring decision-making process which used our group intelligence and brought us to convincing results in a way that was both efficient and pleasant. 

Kathrin Schmitz

I went through this training and it was awesome! Great hands-on practice with real people and real situations to solve with sociocracy! And I definitely bonded with some of my course in increasing life and business ways. Worth doing if you have any interest in sociocracy!

Jess Allen

SoLT 14 starts September 16, 2020.

Time: 15:00 UTC (Wednesdays; 2 hours each)
10 sessions: Sept 16, 23, 30, Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov 4, 11, 18.

Note: because we’re an international organization, we operate on universal coordinated time (UTC/GMT).

See your time zone below. Note that the time changes when your time zone changes from summer to winter time!

Basic cost: $440 (discounts available)

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Apply to join the Sociocracy Leadership Training

Send an email to [email protected]

In your email, please describe (1) yourself in one paragraph and

(2) your experience with/interest in sociocracy in another paragraph.

How does SoLT work?

SoLT consists of 10 weekly two-hour meetings:

  • We form teams of 5-7 people, and those teams meet using the sociocratic process to work on a shared project, for example by interviewing and writing up case studies about a sociocratic organization. An experienced trainer is present at every meeting to support the process and give instant feedback.
  • Participants of all teams get to know each other and reflect on their learning.

This is an online sociocracy class, i.e. all the meetings and training happen online in video conferences . You can join from wherever you are. The participants are typically from all over the world.

How much is it?

The regular price is $440.

We ask organizations and individuals who can, to pay the regular price. This allows SoFA to give out reduced tickets. We understand that the same dollar amount can have very different value depending on your country of residence, your income, class and your family situation. No one is turned away for lack of funds, and we determine the price for the training together with you in our online interview. Although we do have some flexibility, we expect everyone to stretch just enough to make this training viable for everyone.

What are the requirements?
  • This is an intermediate program so we assume that you have some knowledge about sociocracy.
    • Ideally, you have completed at least two of our level 2 classes (the class on organizational structure and on facilitation and decision-making). They are coordinated with the SoLT sessions so you can start with level 2 classes and then attend SoLT.
    • Another good preparation is SoFA’s 6-session video-led curriculum (see Empowered Learning Circles).
  • You’ll need to speak, read and write in English – comfortable enough to participate in a meeting.
  • A good enough internet connection and equipment to participate in a video conference call. We use Zoom. Zoom can work on tablets and smartphones, but for regular meetings, the larger laptop or computer screen (or even two screens) is better so you can see each other on Zoom and also see the agenda or other documents the circle is working on in a separate window during the call.
Where can I see what this training is like?
What's the application process like?

Send an email to [email protected] In your email, please describe yourself in one paragraph and your experience with/interest in sociocracy in another paragraph.