The Art of Community. Integrating Sociocracy and Compassionate Communication

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sociocracy: effective governance

Sociocracy is a whole system governance method. Compassionate Communication (NVC) focuses on the quality of connection among people. Both are deeply rooted in principles of nonviolence and equality – everyone’s voice matters, everyone’s needs matter.

What can be the synergy between these two approaches? Why are they better off together than on their own? Are they key to co-creating the world we want to live in?

Gregory Rouillard, founder of Storm Integrated Solutions consultancy and ​founder/​director of Family H​EART Camp, will join Sociocracy For All founders Jerry Koch-Gonzalez and Jennifer Rau to explore these questions this webinar.

Gregory will present his approach to integrating sociocracy with compassionate communication and restorative circles. The three of us will join together in conversation, sharing our experiences, inspirations and challenges. We will close the webinar with audience questions and comments.

Gregory and Jerry are both certified CNVC trainers and co-led one of the first online training in sociocracy for the NVC Academy in 2009. Jennifer is writing a manual for using and implementing sociocracy and helping a friend produce an NVC book for parents and teachers. All of us live an cohousing communities and have been learning and teaching sociocracy and NVC for years.

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