Article: Sociocracy. Connecting Humans for a Shared Purpose.

sociocracy: effective governance

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Sociocracy. Connecting Humans for a Shared Purpose.

At an informal weekend gathering in Cabot, VT in the summer of 2016, we were asked to guide a group of strangers on making a decision together. The decision to be made was which topics the group would devote our precious time together. We started a first go-around, following the standard Sociocratic process. It seemed easy. Our facilitator made a proposal and we all seemed to be on the same page. Then someone in our group — let’s call him Mark — objected to the proposal. He felt strongly about one of the parts of the proposal. Without any process, our group decision would likely have come to a halt. We might have turned into potential winners and losers, and the objector might have become the “perpetrator” who threw a monkey wrench into the harmonious group process. (Or we might have come to a compromise, although compromises oftentimes make everyone feel a little bit like a loser.)

Instead, we trusted the process. And the group trusted us. So we … (read more)


Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (2017). Sociocracy: Connecting Humans for a Shared Purpose. Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO). http://geo.coop/story/sociocracy-connecting-humans-shared-purpose