How can governance be so much fun?

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sociocracy: effective governance

I have to admit SoLT 1 exceeded my own expectation. What I had expected was a bunch of interested people who are willing to do some work, learn something about sociocracy, and then we all move on. But that’s not what happened. SoLT touched something very deep in us.

Sociocracy for us in SoFA is about connecting people. With every genuine, heart-felt contribution from a participant in their circle, we learned more about them, and we fell in love with each one of them. Working together in this kind of program is different from teaching a workshop. We were equals. We all took care of each other. We showed up. We were real and kind. We inspired each other. The relationship between participants was a deeply human, tribal bond.

These are 7 things we learn whenever we teach sociocracy:

  1. People are longing for a way of working together that is real and loving, not divisive.
  2. People are grateful to be taught governance. Someone said: “This is actually fun … It is not a governance chore.”
  3. People feel how people-centered collaboration is effective and healing.
  4. The most effective way of learning how to work in a group is to work in a group.
  5. Understanding the core of sociocracy involves your mind and your heart.
  6. There is hope: we keep meeting people who are committed, competent, purpose-driven, gentle, loving and eager to contribute to a more collaborative future. 
  7. Humans are deeply social and wired for collaboration. Having a sense of belonging and a way to contribute effectively contributes to happiness. 

Watch the video to see it for yourself!