Sociocracy-video now available with subtitles in different languages!

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sociocracy: effective governance

Our latest video “Sociocracy. The Operating system of the New Economy” is now available with subtitles in French, Spanish, Italian and German. A Portuguese translation is under way. As of today, the video has been watched in 46 different countries. This shows how international the sociocracy movement is – and will be. Only a good third of the hits come from the United States. Then there are Chile, Germany, Italy, UK, Brazil. The video made it to Nepal and Slovenia in just 2 weeks!
Thank you so far to JenniferR, Charlie Lenglez and Pierre Houben for the translations. Subtitles are one way to increase accessibility for more groups all over the world. If we want to address global inequality, we need to address language barriers.

If you speak a foreign language (or know somebody who does) and you’d be willing to translate subtitles, let us know! We can send you the file which makes it very easy for you to translate and convenient for us to upload the subtitles into the video.