Membership organization

You know sociocracy well or you are part of a sociocratic organization? Consider joining SoFA as a member!

Below is our organizational structure which will give you a sense of what we do.

Circles’ aims and domains:

Community Circle


  • Building and strengthening a sense of community
  • Managing membership and internal mailing list + external mailing list


  • Membership, networking
  • Fun events
  • Finances
  • Language groups
  • Internal Mailing list

Content and Delivery Circle


  • Creating content and making the content accessible


  • website
  • training material repository
  • presentation/visuals repository
  • Webinars, videos
  • Manual
  • Wiki/FAQ
  • SoLT
  • ELC

Personal Development Circle


  • Supporting personal development through mutual feedback and development plans
  • certification paths


  • Certification
  • Individual personal development
  • Facilitators, Trainers, Consultants, Auditors

Implementation circle


  • Supporting sector circle leaders and well- functioning of sector circles
  • Identifying cross-sector best practices and development/ training questions


  • Implementations
  • Sector strategies

Membership benefits and expectations: be part of the SoFA family

The opportunity to contribute meaningfully towards a more just and resilient world.

To belong to a community of people who care deeply about equality

  1. Network:
    • You will have access to a great network of people worldwide (We’ll have a member list with interests and connections to grow your network, a map so you can connect geographically)
    • You can start your own study group to build your skills (Laloux? NVC?, other?)
    • Community events/open, themed hangouts
  2. Build experience and invest in personal development
    • Contribute in work circles
    • Take on roles, like facilitation
    • You can join the personal development circle and work towards certification
    • Visibility: with your consent, your name and bio will be on the SoFA website
  3. Access to resources in our google drive:
    • Organizational structures swap
    • Training materials swap
    • Presentation materials swap
    • By-laws swap…
    • Video footage repository
  4. Surprise package in your mail when you become a full member!

Expectations: Giving your time, your money, your heart

  1. Every working member joins at least one work circle (fixed minimum – 2h/month) and participates in work outside of meetings (variable)
  2. $50 per year + a variable contribution
  3. Intention to connect: give and receive feedback, engage lovingly in conflicts as they arise, communicate about your life and your progress and setbacks


Criteria for Membership 

(see steps into membership)


SoFA meetings

All online meetings are open to visitors. Contact SoFA to visit a meeting. You can only have consent rights if you are a member of the circle and a member of SoFA.