Our most popular videos. See the full selection in our youtube channel.


Sociocracy. The Operating System

Our 4 min video is the most watched video about sociocracy of all times. It explains the gist of sociocracy within 4 minutes!


Governance = Human Connection

This video about our 10 week immersion Sociocracy Leadership Training illustrates what sociocracy stands for for us: human connection and flow in our collaboration.


Dynamic Governance in Intentional communities

Hear what members of Pioneer Valley Cohousing have to say about the before and after sociocracy/Dynamic Governance (PVC switched from consensus to Dynamic Governance)


FAQ videos

This is a general and growing section with ca. 1 min videos on frequently asked questions about sociocracy in general. This is a great resources to fill in gaps or for refreshers after a workshop.


Sociocracy and Non-violent communication

Certified NVC trainer and sociocratic expert Jerry Koch-Gonzalez talks about the similar goals of NVC and sociocracy. Fascinating!


Dynamic Governance. An overview 

This 23 min video is for everyone who would like to hear about the sociocratic principles in more details and all in one place.


Webinar recordings

This is a growing collection of our webinar recordings on varying subjects.


The trouble with majority rule

Why is voting never fair? Because voting creates winners and losers.