Facilitation and meeting tools


Decision-making sheet

The decision-making sheets below are a must for all sociocratic facilitators! You can also use it if you are a facilitator in a non- (or not yet-)  sociocratic organization. Click to view a high-resolution file in color or in greyscale (and in portuguese, in italian). The training video is here.

On rounds

This article describes the ins and outs of rounds. Round are easy to do and will change your organizational culture right away.



Recording of our webinar on facilitation

You can watch a recording on our webinar on facilitation (24min) with the most important pointers for facilitators in sociocratic meetings.


What you can do in your next meeting

See ideas of what you can do all by yourself with very little effort. Call for rounds, or inspire consent decision-making in any governance system.


What to do with “Disruptive behavior”

This is a recording of our webinar on “what to do with disruptive behavior in meetings”.



Playlist of brief FAQ videos

See all our brief videos about frequently asked facilitation questions related to sociocracy


Coming in early 2017: decision-making sheets in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish.