Join the movement!

Organizations have to change from the inside out,
with the help from people like you!

That’s why we spread high quality learning material on sociocracy for free.

  • 4 min introduction to sociocracy

    We produce and publish free content that lets you learn about sociocracy. See our youtube channel to see what we have.
    If you are completely new to sociocracy, then start with this 4min video.We also host one free webinar on a specific topic per month (sign up for the mailing list to hear about webinars, see webinar recordings).

  • solt1We offer a 10-week online sociocracy training called Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT).
    SoLT is a fantastic way of learning sociocracy in depth with a fun and international group of people, wherever you are on the planet.
    Learn more about SoLT here.
  • We offer guided peer support groups – where sociocracy enthusiast collaborate.
    Groups meet online once a month. The intention is to provide a platform so people can help each other, but a sociocratic expert will be present at every meeting for additional guidance and advice.
    These groups are for people who are serious about sociocracy, either already doing it with ongoing support and learning, or preparing for implementation. Browse through the different groups here.
  • We also teach in-person workshops. See here what we typically cover in a 2-day workshop.

We run on donations!

Sociocracy For All offers free resources and very affordable training. We believe that every organization should have access to free information.
Sociocracy For All is a non-profits and relies on donations. Please consider donating $5 if you enjoy a video, or if you register for a webinar. Consider donating $25 (or more!) if you believe that it is time for a culture change and you want to support those building a collaborative world in which we all thrive.