Sociocracy in schools

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Sociocracy in schools The future needs people who are agile and resilient ~ who lean into complexity with curiosity, confidence and collaborative skills. There is a shift happening in our globally interconnected world. People are recognizing the need for more peaceful, inclusive, and participatory practices within our organizations. Many pioneering educators recognize the need to […]

Permaculture, transition and sociocracy

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An interview with Permacultura and Transizione, Italy. Hello Jennifer and Jerry, good to meet you and to have a little chat with you. The first question is of course: who are you? We are the founding members of the non-profit Sociocracy For All. We teach sociocracy and make resources available so more people can use […]

Article: Three tools to use from sociocracy (plus magic phrases)

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Many organizations are intrigued by the idea of self-governance using circle-based frameworks. However, it can be intimidating to implement those methods. You’ll have to do research, train everyone, implement — months or even years of transition time. And regular work needs to get done as well! I always compare changes in governance to beating heart surgery. Tricky — at […]

Do feelings have a place in governance?

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Sometimes we get asked whether feelings are “allowed” in sociocracy. We are guessing that what people have in mind is a scenario like this: Are you allowed to be upset when someone proposes to raise the membership fees because you are afraid you cannot afford the membership, or that others can’t? Of course you are allowed […]

Giving feedback – a bundle of resources

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Without feedback, we are stuck forever in the same patterns. Without feedback, we will not learn and will never improve. We will never understand how we impact others, whether our intentions match our impact. Why would we not want to hear feedback from others? The ability to receive and give feedback requires: (1) a mindset […]