New webinar recording: permaculture and sociocracy

sociocracy: effective governance

In this presentation, Rakesh explains how he creates permaculture designs and projects function using sociocracy. Format: – 5 min intro into sociocracy (SoFA) – 50 min Rakesh’s presentation – 30 min Q&A (Rakesh, SoFA, participants) “Permaculture is immaculate design system. It allows us to understand complex systems, be it ecological, man made or human dynamics. We can use it to then analyse the diverse interconnections that allow the various elements to thrive and flourish. All of this is underpinned by ethics which culminates in resilient environmentally friendly designs. Because permaculture has its history in food growing, the social and inner ecology side of permaculture is hit and miss depending on the priority of the individual making the design. In my experience, too often the human dynamics are missing in permaculture designs. This is where sociocracy fills the gap very nicely. As a collaborative decision making tool it can help permaculture designers and all end users/clients to get clear on what they want to achieve and therefore make sure the design meets everyone’s needs. This is just the begining. We can then use sociocracy to keep adjusting the human dynamics. One thing I do on all my workshops, projects and company consultations is to create a culture policy. A policy which guides our conduct. This is the kingpin policy that ensures there is social cohesion between all.”