Berlin, Germany: Doable processes for self-organization

sociocracy: effective governance

Jennifer is giving a presentation in Berlin on Aug 7. Registration

The title seems like a contradiction. Why would we need processes if what we want is self-organization? We will start by looking at ways power dynamics and unquestioned assumptions can enter our organization in hidden ways and how they undermine self-organization in the absence of process. My hypotheses: (1) in an ideal world people could work together without process, just on the basis of consideration and a shared purpose. (2) We’re not there yet. Too little process will bring in old patterns and power dynamics through the back door, and awareness is not enough to counteract this reliably. (3) Only carefully designed process, paired with clarity and intentionality, can override those old patterns of dominance and control.

The focus of this talk is not on what NOT to do. The focus is on doable, tangible and effective processes that you can apply immediately such as rounds and selection processes (my personal favorites from sociocracy). We will look at how those processes support us in walking the talk of New Work, and how transparency leads to effectiveness leads to equivalence leads to transparency… Bonus: we will model an election process and reflect on it during this session.

My bias is clearly towards action: new forms of collaboration are only useful if they are being done in real life. We have to actively change our engrained patterns by drilling down to the most detailed level of communication, so we can improve the way we work together one interaction at a time.

Jennifer Rau

Jennifer Rau is a German native living in Massachusetts (USA). As a Dr. in syntax and semantics, she enjoys identifying the most simple patterns that are the basis for our complex interactions. A tribal being, she values quality connection, with a big love for being productive. She is part of several running sociocratic organizations, currently holding roles of leader, facilitator and tech person. What she loves about sociocracy is that it is specific, doable and flexible. She is not getting paid for writing music and obsessing over way too detailed video projects. She is getting paid for writing, teaching and serving as operational leader of the for-purpose Sociocracy For All.


This time EUROPACE is sponsoring our event. They will provide venue, drinks and food. So please RSVP only if you really plan to attend!

Doors will open at 6.30pm with the session starting at 7pm.

We’re looking forward to welcome you!