Facilitation webinar

sociocracy: effective governance

Join us for a webinar on facilitation on August 17 3.30pm ET OR August 20 10am ET. The two webinars will happen through zoom.

We will cover sociocratic tools that ensure equal voice and effectiveness. The tools will be applicable for any (also non-sociocratic) organization. Following a 25min presentation, you will be able to ask questions about the topic. After all those questions are answered, there will also be open Q&A on any topic in sociocracy. The webinars are geared towards people with some basic knowledge in sociocracy. (The idea is to provide you with more support after a workshop for your ongoing work in your organization.)

Email to to register. The webinars are both free.


3 thoughts on “Facilitation webinar

  1. I want to paarticipate but don’t have a skype or zoom set up. Can I attend with only a sound connection…or by phone?

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in registering for the free facilitation workshop to be held August 17. I have been trying to send an email to register, but no success so far. Please advise as to how to proceed.
    And, would I need a ‘Zoom’ app to receive the webinar?

    Thank you for any reply. -Sharon

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