Webinar on objections

sociocracy: effective governance

We did our second small webinar on how to deal with objections. We basically went through the decision-making sheet (which you can download and print here for the grayscale version, and here for the color version). The decision-making sheet provides an exhaustive list of directions to take when dealing with objections. For instance, if we think a proposal is not safe enough to try, we can shorten the term and think about how we can measure how well it is working. “Measure the feaobjectionsrs” is the slogan for that. Obviously we can also change the proposal, or we can get help through forming a helping circle (i.e. an ad hoc group) or a broader or a more focused circle.

The important piece is that we have options. The more we are aware of that, the more likely we are going to say soft and open instead of being tense and triggered in any other way. The sociocratic way of dealing with objections keeps the issue in the content domain and never in the interpersonal domain. We don’t allow our group to fall into two camps or to marginalize one group. We remain a team with the shared goal of finding a proposal that works for everyone and of not getting stuck. Remember, we’re not striving for perfect, we’re striving for a proposal that everyone can live with.